The Undeniable Truth about Trump and Russia: Our President is Doing Putin’s Bidding

PREVIOUS: Georgia runoff is a clear choice. Do we remain a democracy or welcome a dictatorship? Memo to: Members of the American Legion, U.S. troops and veterans everywhere From: Neil Fabricant, former counsel to New York State Republican Senate Majority Leader, and former Republican-appointed Assistant District Attorney in Queens, New York, home of Donald Trump’s […]

Georgia Runoff is Clear Choice: Do we Remain a Democracy or Welcome a Dictatorship?

  PREVIOUS: Don’t let their words distract you. The Republicans and their backers are coming for your money. Dear Fellow American: I’m an octogenarian. What a privilege it was to grow up in America in the 1950s and 60s. A fabulously rich country, a democracy. The rule of law. Opportunity. Though my parents, grandparents, older […]