Hear Evangelical Leaders Explain Why They Have Repented of their Support for Trump

Evangelical Christians have been among Donald Trump’s most reliable supporters. But that support has been eroding as the contrast between Trump’s words and behavior and Christian teachings and values has become harder to ignore. Several prominent preachers who once supported him have had a change of heart — in some cases, a true repentance — […]

An Answer to Evangelicals: If God Put Trump in Power, What Lessons Does He Want Us to Learn?

Neither reason nor faith can reach neo-Nazis, white supremacists, anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and other loathsome Trump followers. They have found their leader and he has found them.  But those who are committed to following the teachings of Jesus—as they understand them—are in a different category. We undertook our effort to change their minds because we […]

An Anti-Abortion Christian Asks: Is This the Only Thing That Matters to Jesus? NO!

  The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg forces us to confront one of the favorite excuses some voters use for ignoring Donald Trump’s egregiously inhumane and anti-Christian words and deeds. They can turn a blind eye to Trump’s endless sins as long as he appoints judges who will outlaw abortion. That raises […]

On Empathy: Do you Really Think These Men Care About You or Your Kids?

There they are, members of Trump’s private golf club inBedminster, New Jersey. They’re standing by their man who, as soon as hefreshens up from a day on the links, will sit down to sign an executive orderthat the White House lawyers prepared for him. First the aides will scurryaround putting up a few American flags, […]