Georgia Runoff is Clear Choice: Do we Remain a Democracy or Welcome a Dictatorship?


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Dear Fellow American:

I’m an octogenarian. What a privilege it was to grow up in America in the 1950s and 60s. A fabulously rich country, a democracy. The rule of law. Opportunity. Though my parents, grandparents, older brother and unmarried aunt all lived in a two-bedroom apartment, we weren’t going to go hungry. My father put in double shifts at a defense plant. We never felt poor. I never had to worry about a lot of stuff that most people in the world, including in this country, still worry about.

Hitler and Mussolini defeated. The Soviet dictatorship collapsed. The rule of law respected. Government of, by, and for the people. What a great country! What a great time to be a proud, first-generation American.

We inherited a democracy. It didn’t apply to everyone, but we were moving in the right direction.

I never thought that passing all that along to my kids would be an issue. But look at us now. A gangster in the White House who’s trying to overturn an election he lost, trying to stay in power forever: a flat-out traitor. And Republican politicians shaking in their boots that if he gets mad at them, they’ll lose their cushy jobs. Afraid even to criticize separating infants from their parents, locking them up in cages, and not even disclosing contact information about their deported parents. What a disgrace!

This rotten-to-the-core creature from hell has unleashed every nut job with an automatic weapon to take to the streets, wearing swastikas no less.

This runoff election in Georgia isn’t about whether we like any of these candidates. They don’t matter. Republicans multimillionaires are only foot soldiers in the Trump Gang. McConnell, his lieutenant, is there to enforce Trump’s orders. He stays in line and keeps the others in lineor Trump gets rid of him. That’s the way it works in Washington; with this crowd especially.

We have one chance to get rid of this curse on our country—one chance to pass on to our kids the great country we inherited. If we don’t throw these Republicans out on their asses by numbers so large they can’t ignore the messagethe message we thought we sent them in 2018 about protecting us from crooked insurance companies and their “pre-existing condition” scam — we’re finished. (The video that follows speaks eloquently about how Republican congressmen’s posturing about “Obamacare” is brutally harming American by the millions.)


This election isn’t about these particular candidates. It’s about us and our kids. I don’t want them living in a dictatorship. That’s not the country I inherited. Please: let’s send these Republican cowards and traitors a message they won’t ignore and will never forget from We the People.

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