Hear Evangelical Leaders Explain Why They Have Repented of their Support for Trump

Evangelical Christians have been among Donald Trump’s most reliable supporters. But that support has been eroding as the contrast between Trump’s words and behavior and Christian teachings and values has become harder to ignore. Several prominent preachers who once supported him have had a change of heart — in some cases, a true repentance — and are now urging Christians to vote Trump out of office.

Here you can hear two of them, Joel C. Hunter and Rob Schenk, explain why. Hunter, after serving as a spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama, voted for Trump in 2016. He won’t do that again this year.

Schenk has been a high-profile lobbyist on Capitol Hill, an advocate for a conservative religious agenda including staunch opposition to abortion. Now, however, Schenk had concluded that he and other conservative Christians have made a Faustian bargain with Donald Trump. In these videos he explains why he is supporting Joe Biden for president — and admits that he shares the blame for creating the political circumstances that allowed Trump to get elected.

Schenk and other Christian leaders who consider themselves “pro-life” make the point that limiting their concern to the abortion issue is incompatible with Christian teaching. In an article in “Christianity Today,” they explain why their concern about other “pro-life” issues that have led them to turn against Trump and the Republican party. “Poverty, lack of health care, racism and climate change all kill persons created in the image of God,” they argue. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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